Sate Anggrek Sate Anggrek: Cheap, Plenty, Fast! , What’s the best food to eat when night falls?

It was a question I was trying to answer a few days ago when I was out for a leisurely evening stroll in this city of flowers.

Several food options come to mind, from fried rice, kue balok, mie kocok, cuankie, pecel lele, soto to satay.

Warung Sate Anggrek Bandung

But what the heck, when I was walking down Jalan Riau, I immediately fell in love with a busy satay stall on Jalan Anggrek. Maybe you already know the satay stall I’m referring to here, the satay stall I visited was Sate Anggrek El Mirah / H.Nawani or commonly called Sate Anggrek.

What made me interested in eating satay here? It’s simple, as far as I know, Sate Anggrek is a satay stall with super fast service, perfect for people who don’t like to wait for a long time when they want to eat satay.

The menu itself is fairly standard, there are goat satay, chicken satay, soto sulung and don’t forget the drinks, sweet iced tea or iced orange.

But what makes it interesting is the way the satay is served here, which is not sudden. Yes, it was only about five minutes before I sat down at the table, my order of goat satay had come again.

Likewise with the drinks and rice of course, even though there are a lot of visitors who queue to order satay to take home aka wrapped, but the service to other visitors who eat on the spot is no less fast.

Well, it turns out that they grill the saten in advance in large quantities, as seen from the long saten grill.

Sate Anggrek
Sate Anggrek

Super Fast Satay Serving

This makes it easier to serve, so visitors don’t have to wait any longer, especially supported by a large number of “personnel”, guaranteed you won’t wait long if you want to eat satay here.

The satay itself can be considered quite “special”, the size of the meat is large, especially the chicken satay.

In my opinion, ordering just one portion is enough, but if you come for two, I recommend ordering the soto too, so one portion of satay and one portion of soto, guaranteed to fill you up! In terms of flavour, I’d say it’s not bad and still above the average satay stall that sells on the side of the road in general.

But unfortunately, because they are more concerned with fast service, the quality of the satay is less than optimal. The satay served is not so hot, because it has been burned for a long time, this can make satay lovers, especially goat satay, less satisfied.

Imagine the fat meat in the goat satay that has cooled down, the flavour is definitely not as good, not to mention the chicken skin in the chicken satay that is less “crispy” because it is not so hot.

Yes, but forget all that, it’s back to individual taste.

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Orchid Satay Price

With prices of Rp 8000/portion for chicken satay and Rp 10,000/portion for goat satay, I think this satay stall, located right next to Suis Butcher steakhouse on Jalan Riau, is suitable for students and boarders who crave satay but don’t want to wait long.

Because believe me, with such a cheap price for satay with meat that is larger than the usual satay stalls, visitors will not really think about the taste which is actually not too “wow”.

All is well, want to eat satay that is cheap, large portions and fast service? What are you waiting for, head straight to Jalan Anggrek.