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UQWO – Cleanlite Laundry Franchise , The laundry business continues to grow along with the needs of people in laundry services.

This rapid development is in line with the bustle of urban communities who need help cleaning their clothes.

How come? for the townspeople are already busy enough with working hours to have no time to wash their own clothes.

Therefore, they need the help of laundry to clean their clothes.

Stable Business Fields and Not Affected by Trends

The development of the laundry business is quite attractive because the laundry business is a stable business .

This business is not swayed by trends, as long as it provides proper laundry facilities.

Then do it according to the facility offer so you will not lose customers.

If you are interested in starting a laundry business , you can start anytime.

If you don’t know how to get started, you can join cleanlite laundry.

Laundry cleanlite business entrepreneurs offer partnerships by way of a franchise .

Story of Cleanlite Laundry Franchise

The laundry service business of cleanlite laundry was founded by experts who are experienced in their fields.

Experts’ experience in the laundry business has been proven by the establishment of 10 Cleanlab Laundry branches in various regions.

Expertjasa introduced the Cleanlite Laundry Franchise recently, and even complemented this service business with a sophisticated cashier application through Cleanlab POS.

Benefits of Partnering with Cleanlite Laundry

There are several advantages that are often offered by laundry businesses to their partners.

It’s the same with Cleanlite Laundry, but Cleanlite’s business doesn’t lie because it dares to provide B2B (Business to Business) Client guarantees.

Partners can get various benefits by joining the Cleanlite Laundry Franchise.

Some things that will definitely be obtained are, among others, as follows:

  • Mita will get a fixed standard starting from technology
  • Employees will receive training
  • Partners get standard laundry equipment and supplies
  • Partners get the opportunity to access large clients such as hotels, spas, bridal, and others.
  • Partners get a Business to Business guarantee

Solusi all in one

The advantages offered by cleanlite to potential partners are summarized in an all in one solution.

This includes training, tools, equipment, technology, marketing assistance and access to large clients.

This will make it easier for entrepreneurs who may not be experienced in running a laundry business.

If you feel you have inexperienced and skilled employees , you can send them to the center for training.

In addition, the equipment provided for franchiser partners is complete, including washing machines, dryers, steam irons, and so on.

All the equipment is provided in the best condition and according to the standard of cleanlite laundry.

In addition, you can easily get clients by running a business using the Cleanlab POS laundry cash register application.

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    Provide Customer Guarantee

    Not only providing guarantees for partnership clients, the Cleanlite Laundry franchise by Cleanlab also provides guarantees to customers.

    Even cleanLab claims, cleanlite laundry is the only laundry franchise that provides a guarantee to customers.

    With this guarantee, it is not surprising that in the first three months since it was opened, Cleanlite has received a stable turnover.

    Cleanlite Laundry franchise by Cleanlab assures partners that it is not an ordinary kilogram laundry franchise.

    This business is also a laundry business solution for prospective laundry entrepreneurs.

    Not only facilitated from pre-opening but also assisted to get clients.

    Main Features of the Cleanlite Laundry Franchise

    Each franchisor will also get key features that benefit its operations, including the following:

    •  Get a real time laundry business monitor with the Cleanlab POS application, which can be used to see employee performance.
    • Laundry Training with hotel laundry SOPs.
    • Buffet for Laundry
    • Shoes and Bag Laundry Training with Cleanlab Academy
    • Assisted in conducting Surveys and Location Analysis for Laundry Business Potential

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