Marka Coffee & Kitchen

Coffee at Home a la Marka Coffee & Kitchen , Bored with the feel of a coffee shop that’s just like that? Want to have coffee in a place that feels like home? Longing to have coffee at home but can’t go back to the village yet? Now Bandung residents don’t need to worry, because there is a cafe that gives a homely feel. Where is it?

Marka Coffee & Kitchen

Marka Coffee & Kitchen is on Jl. Talaga Bodas No.32, Malabar, Kec. Lengkong, Bandung City.

Next door to an eyebrow embroidery salon business whose owner is the same as Marka Coffe & Kitchen’s own.

Marka Coffee & Kitchen cafe is located on a main road, visitors can easily find this cafe, with the help of Google Map or without Google Map.

Marka Coffee & Kitchen is open every day from 07.00 to 20.00 WIB. Including the type of cafe that serves visitors who are looking for breakfast in the morning. For closing hours, this cafe closes earlier than other cafes in Bandung.

Marka Coffee & Kitchen presents a contemporary home concept. This cafe is intended for families, so the design of the building is made as comfortable as the comfort of the visitors’ own homes.

It was reported on the site that before establishing this cafe, the owner had opened an eyebrow embroidery salon business which was quite popular.

To provide comfort to the family of visitors to the eyebrow embroidery salon, the owner established this cafe, so that families who take visitors to the eyebrow embroidery salon can wait while enjoying coffee here.

The cafe parking lot is quite wide, for cars and motorbikes. There is a large cafe signboard in the corridor of the cafe, so that this cafe can be seen from a distance, and visitors can immediately know the existence of this cafe from afar.

On the terrace next to the parking lot, there is a semi-outdoor seating area. The semi-outdoor area is only limited by one main gray wall and a 1 meter high iron fence in the form of a small white net.

On the terrace there are also ornamental plants that are neatly arranged in front of the wall with beautiful butterfly ornaments hanging on the dividing wall. There are 4 tables placed on this terrace, with one chair and a concrete chair that extends along the terrace.

This cafe building looks small from the outside, but is spacious inside. The building design is made minimalist with modern and semi-industrial ornaments and furniture. the lighting used in this cafe in addition to using natural lighting, they add led lights that create warm and romantic lighting.

When entering this cafe, visitors will find a coffee bar and seating area. There are only a few tables available in this area with a capacity of 2 people per seat. The table used is mostly a round table made of wood and iron. There is also a large table used on the second floor and also several concrete table type tables which are usually used by visitors for flatlay photos.

This white building has 2 floors. In the middle of the building there is an outdoor area that looks like a garden. Because there is a small pond of ornamental plants and children’s swings. There is also a seat for visitors in that area.

For visitors who bring children or toddlers, this area is a comfortable and safe choice to sit. Children can play on the swings and their parents can enjoy coffee in the existing seat area by being able to monitor their children. In addition, this area is a favorite place for lovers of instagramable spots.

In the indoor area of ​​the building, some parts of the walls have paintings of flowers and butterflies. Several flower shelves made of iron and towering as high as the walls are also beautiful ornaments. Liven up the atmosphere in the cafe.

In addition, in the indoor area there is also a sofa chair placed at the end of the room, decorated with iron shelves, lamps and a small wooden table. This place is a good photo spot for visitors, many visitors take photos in the area.

Marka Coffee & Kitchen can accommodate around 90 visitors. There is a VIP room provided for meetings or private events such as birthdays. This VIP room is located on the 2nd floor. In addition to the VIP room, on the 2nd floor there are also seats that have a beautiful view.

Some of the 2nd floor buildings are semi-outdoor design, with open walls, and only protected by an iron fence in the form of a 1 meter high net. On the 2nd floor you can see the view of the city of Bandung and feel the wind blowing from the outside of the building. In addition, in the corner of the 2nd floor building, there is also a seat with a background painting on the wall.

The facilities provided at this cafe are in addition to a comfortable seat area, an outdoor area that is safe for children to play, there is a prayer room, and also a toilet. Cleanliness is also very well maintained in every area.

Free Wifi facilities are also available here with charging stations everywhere, visitors don’t care

No need to worry about internet access or running out of battery.

The menu served at Marka Coffee & Kitchen is quite complete. Complete coffee variants such as cafes generally exist. They also have appatizers, main courses to desserts.. More specifically, they offer a fusion menu between western and eastern, with flavors that are adapted to the Indonesian tongue. The prices offered also vary, which of course is standard like other coffee shops.

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    The service provided by the employees there is also satisfactory. The friendly attitude and quick response given by Marka Coffee & kitchen employees make visitors feel comfortable. Visitors don’t need to be confused about choosing the menu at the cafe, because the staff there can explain in a friendly manner about the existing menu.

    Marka Coffee & Kitchen is famous for its home-style cafe feel, with a modern home-style building design, which provides comfort for all ages, including children. This place is perfect for visitors who want to spend time, especially with family.

    Parents need not worry about their children as there is a play area for children. This place is also suitable for lovers of instagramable spots, because there are photo spots that can be used.

    To find out more about Marka Coffee & kitchen, you can check their Instagram at , or you can see reviews about this cafe on google. For Bandung residents, or those who are visiting Bandung, don’t forget to stop by Marka Coffee & kitchen. A cafe that gives a warm home feel to its visitors.

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