Astra Inaugurates ASTRAtech New Campus in Cikarang – Astra Inaugurates ASTRAtech New Campus in Cikarang , Astra through Yayasan Astra Bina Ilmu (YAB) finally inaugurated the new campus of ASTRAtech, a vocational higher education institution in Delta Silicon, Cikarang, West Java, This campus is a tangible manifestation of the company’s contribution to Indonesia in the field of education.

Djony Bunarto Tjondro, President Director of Astra revealed that vocational education has an important role in creating superior human resources who are ready to enter the world of work. Hopefully, the new ASTRAtech campus can continue to improve its achievements to become a polytechnic educational institution that produces competent human resources.

“More than that, we hope this campus can create skilled and superior human resources. In accordance with the needs of industry and labor, but also have a high work ethic and passion and great ideals to realize Indonesia’s progress,” said Djony.

Established in 1995, ASTRAtech was originally named Federal Technical Academic. Then, it changed its name to Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic in 2001.

In April 2021, it finally officially changed its name to Astra Polytechnic with the brand name ASTRAtech. The campus has eight D3 and D4 programs, consisting of six D3 study programs, and two D4 study programs.

All study programs are developed in accordance with the technology needed by the industry. The campus implements the Astra Dual System vocational program supported by the company’s industry.


    ASTRAtech is the first institution in Asia to implement the German Bachelor Professional (Meister) certification program in Automotive according to the Meister certification standard in Germany, an HR development scheme that is one of the keys to the success of German industrial competitiveness. To date, the campus has successfully graduated 33 people with German Bachelor Professional degrees in Automotive.

    In realizing the concept of Society 5.0, ASTRAtech gave birth to superior innovations with the results of collaboration between students, lecturers, and also the industry. For example, collaboration with companies through WINTEQ from PT Astra Otoparts Tbk to develop the Multifunctional Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine ‘INNOSTRA’, then with other industries to develop a Heavy Loaded Trackless Automated Guided Vehicle (“AGV”) with a weight capacity of up to 400 Kg, and Serviced / Customized Drones connected to 5G Mobile Networks.

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