Bajawa Flores Coffee NTT

Successfully opening its first outlet in the Tebet area, South Jakarta, Kopi Bajawa Flores NTT has expanded its market to the Bintaro area, Tangerang. 

Choosing to use a very Indonesian name, Kopi Bajawa Flores NTT Kopi Flores NTT is not only concerned with profit, but also wants to always have an impact so that children in remote areas do not feel discriminated against. 

every purchase of food and drink or coffee at Kopi Bajawa Flores NTT 20% of the profit will be given to children’s education in NTT. Until now, the total profit that has been donated is around 13 million out of 20% of the profit earned.

“With the addition of this Bajawa Flores coffee outlet in NTT, it can help children’s education in NTT. With the opening of many branches, the greater the influence given.

 To help educate children in NTT, we collaborate with the Tangan Pengharapan Foundation to distribute donations. We hope that this outlet will be more crowded with loyal coffee consumers. 

The more food we order, the more we can donate.” said Frans and Liu, owners of Bajawa Flores Coffee in NTT when contacted on Tuesday

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    Kopi Bajawa Flores NTT created a campaign in the form of donations from every product purchased to support underprivileged children in NTT to get a better education & life. 

    Frans and Liu hope that what Kopi Bajawa Flores NTT is doing in Jakarta, can help equalize education in NTT, which is arguably quite lagging behind. So, there is no reason not to visit this unique Bajawa Flores NTT Coffee.

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